Bar Magic

Why Magic?

No one can deny the appeal of magic! As an entertainment form, it is as popular as it has ever been. Since the year 2000, we have had TV shows from Paul Zenon, Derren Brown, David Blaine, Dynamo, Troy, Penn and Teller, and more! But where can you go to see live, close-up magic on a regular basis?

Magic is a great alternative to pub quizzes and open mic nights for regular weekly entertainment. It is easy to host, and offers customers something genuinely different. Who can resist the appeal of the impossible?

What is bBar Magic?

Bar Magic is a lot more than just magic performed in a pub. It is a system of entertainment designed to maximise the benefits for the venue, customers, and performers.

Traditionally, a magician performing in a pub environment will trawl round the pub, going from table-to-table, group-to-group, performing a few tricks at each stop. In our opinion this is not the best approach, and here’s why:

  • Most people go to a pub or bar to socialise. Not everyone in the venue will appreciate having their conversations interrupted and personal space intruded by a strolling magician.
  • Some people just don’t want to have magic forced upon them. Some people will even tell you they don’t like magic at all (but more on them later!)
  • With the magician walking around among customers, some people may not even realise there is any entertainment on that night.
  • If a magician is moving around the room performing for small groups, it could take quite some time for him to come around to any one group.
  • In an effort to get around everyone on a busy night, the magician will be limited to performing very short sets for each group. In other words, they have a long wait for very little pay-off.

What are the benefits of Bar Magic?

So, what does Bar Magic do differently?

We have found that a far more effective way of presenting close-up magic in pubs is to simply place the performer in one place (if possible, behind the bar itself) and let the customers come to him. This subtle difference solves many of the problems from before:

  • This setup puts your customers in control of whether they would like to see any magic or not.
  • They can also decide how much magic they would like to see. Some customers will happily spend a whole evening at the magician’s bar.
  • With the magician stationed in a prominent position, there can be no doubt that he is the official entertainment. This raises his prestige, making his job easier, and making him seem more impressive to your customers.
  • Having a group of people clustered around the magician creates a real buzz – there will be no doubt to anyone who comes in, that something is happening. People find themselves drawn in by it – even those who would have objected to a magician coming and performing in their space.
  • By giving him his own performance space, the magician is able to control the pace of his performances in order to maximise customer satisfaction and, more importantly, drink sales.

Because we know how to make magic work in a commercial venue.

The founder of Bar Magic has spent the last 6 years managing pubs. Both of which were voted into CAMRA’s Good Beer Guide during his tenures. So this system is designed from his experiences both as a magician and a publican. It means he knows, from an insider’s perspective, what works for a pub, and has given him opportunity to test and hone his approach until it was ready to unleash onto the world!

Ultimately, the Bar Magic system boils down to this:

Put the magician in a strong dominant position.

This means he can…

Give your customers the best possible experience.

So he can persuade them to…

Stay longer and buy more drinks!

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Bar magic in itself is not a new idea. The following are some examples of successful dedicated magic bars in the UK

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Sleight, Bath (also linked to Krowd Keeper Magic Theatre)
Illusions Magic Bar, Bristol
Smoke and Mirrors, Bristol

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